• Telling a story

  • Community Learning Ambassadors in Valladolid

  • Deciding the priorities

  • Explaining what we need to do

  • Discussing the approach

  • Practical reporting

  • Engaging with the community


The project aims will support communities across Europe to build platforms of local community learning, media and participation to help develop community capacity and stimulate innovation (including social innovation), entrepreneurship and capacity for change by encouraging the development and discovery of untapped potential from within communities and territories

Four core components of support are common to communities across Europe:

Promoting and sustaining community activity - Numerous partnership and network initiatives in recent years have generated activities but these have been occasional, interest-driven and short-lived. Locate is developing locally driven long term planning and implementation of media and learning.

Empowering adultsso even those in vulnerable social groups and from different cultures can develop skills and share expertise.

Sustaining quality learningin times of increased pressure on budgets and support lifelong learning in many countries in Europe has either declined or remained static. Local learning and support needs to become embedded in everyday community life.

Increasing participation in the community by using every available element of today’s knowledge and techno-savvy society to generate interest, disseminate good news and promote activity in even socially disadvantaged communities

 The project runs from November 2013 until October 2015 and is a partnership between 6 different organisations in five countries, all of whom are committed to adult and community learning.

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